WebSite Links

Law Enforcement/Government Related Web Sites
The following sites provide information about federal and state law enforcement issues. - Iowa Law Enforcement Academy - Iowa Department of Pubic Safety - sexoffender information - Federal Bureau of Investigation - US President - support US troops - Police training seminars and videos


Children and Prevention Related Web Sites
Several sites around the web that help to protect and promote children's safety and fight drug and alcohol related crime. - Drug Awareness Resistance Education. Learn more about the MFL MarMac DARE program here. - help locate missing children - Mothers Against Drunk Drivers - National Crime Prevention Council

www.whitehousedrugpolicy - drug information - promote kids safety and education - Students Against Destructive Decisions


Local Area Related Web Sites
Here are a few sites providing local community information, news and weather. - McGregor/Marquette information - MFL MarMac Community School District - current Iowa road conditions - local weather and river stages - local weather reports

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